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With the expertise in all areas of immigration law ranging from business immigration to asylum and deportation, we provide comprehensive literally across the nation. New immigration procedures which permit most filings by mail and appearances by telephone allow us to successfully represent clients wherever they live or do business.

We are highly successful with applications for alien labor certification which can be prepared and filed on your behalf regardless of where your job offer is located, processing you through U.S. Immigration, finalizing your case in U.S. if you are eligible or at your embassy.

We are also highly experienced in family based immigration and defense deportation proceedings.

Midwest Immigration Attorneys FAQ’s

“Your website is great and I really appreciate all of the information that you’ve provided, but can you really help me? After all we are not even in the same state.” Immigration lawyers London

That is a valid question. Although for state law matters an attorney must be licensed in each state in which he or she practices, immigration law is federal. By federal regulation, an attorney admitted in any state may represent clients before the U.S. Consular, Immigration Service, or Department of Labor offices worldwide. In my practice, I represent companies and individuals in numerous states and countries. Over the years, I have obtained visas for quite a few clients I still have not met in person.

“Do you have a toll-free telephone?”

Yes, I have a toll-free telephone number for clients’ use.

“If you are there and I am here, what about the interview?”

Nonimmigrant employment visa petitions are submitted by mail to the INS service center having jurisdiction over the place of intended employment. Where the beneficiary is in the United States and is eligible for change of nonimmigrant status, INS sends notice of visa petition approval to the employer and a new I-94 Departure Card indicating the new status to the beneficiary or his/her representative. No interview is conducted. Where the beneficiary is outside the United States and will be applying for the visa at a consulate, there is an interview. Whether an attorney will be permitted to attend the interview or even enter the consulate building varies by consular office. Regardless of the employer’s or beneficiary’s location, I am able to communicate with consulates worldwide by mail, fax, and telephone. Where visa officers have raised questions, they have always been resolved with a phone call or a fax.

“My case involves permanent labor certification. After labor certification and immigrant visa approval, won’t there be an interview on my application for permanent residence?”

The United States Immigration Service has recently transferred the adjudication of employment-related I-485 applications for permanent residence to the regional service centers. Only in suspect cases are in-person interviews conducted.

Therefore, whether or not you and I are in the same city is of little consequence, since practically the entire interaction with the Immigration Service and takes place via Federal Express! While making it all the more important that the written submittal be painstakingly thorough, the reduction of personal contact between INS examinations and attorneys and applications makes immigration law over the Internet a truly viable option.

“Will using you save me money?”

Legal representation is expensive. My fees are lower than many but not so low as to compromise the quality of the services that I provide. Will you save money by using me? Most likely yes.

“Can you provide references?”

No, I cannot. Attorney/client relationships are confidential, and this prevents me from giving out clients’ names.